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The best of U.S. & international media in one magazine

The Week brings the most relevant and important news from more than 200 trusted local and global sources to over 300,000 readers in one concise, informative and entertaining read.

We provide all the facts you need to both confidently reflect on the last seven days and prepare for what’s coming next. The Week threads all sides of an argument together to offer a balanced perspective, because we understand that there are more than two sides to every story.

Free from influence and agenda, the magazine allows you to cut through the noise of the media and find clarity at a time it’s never been more important.




How The Week covers the news


The Art of The Week

Our illustrated covers are part of the heart and soul of the magazine, and may be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of The Week.

The satirical style that has come to reflect who we are so effortlessly is created by Howard McWilliam, who has been producing our eye-catching covers for the last thirteen years.

Join him in this insight into his creative process, as he takes you behind-the-scenes from the initial concept all the way to the finished artwork.



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